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  • Daniel Vargas

A Stoic Sage looks at things objectively

“You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this and you will find strength” - Marcus Aurelius

It has been an absolutely crazy year. That seems to be the one thing everyone can't stop talking about this year in 2020. What about it, is it crazy? And why is it crazy that you can’t find resolve to push past and move forward? Why has everyone been so complicit with being stagnant in a time like this? Is it the world that is so crazy that it inhibits you from doing anything? Has the world truly made you depressed? To be a sage, this thought pattern will never benefit you. There is always something in the world happening, something being sensationalized. On top of that, the information that gets spread are by people, by humans, who make mistakes, and exaggerate. In whose favor? For what reason? You worry about work, maybe finances, your loved ones. The list goes on and on. Being a Stoic Sage in the modern day can be difficult, I’d argue more difficult than our brothers and sisters of the past. Their teachings, however, are eternal. Moldable, and can stand the test of time.

One of the most powerful tools at a sage’s arsenal is viewing the world objectively. You must wake up everyday knowing that the world will move without you, attempting to apply pressure on yourself to change the world around you will do nothing but harm your own development. Apply logic and reason before an emotional response. This isn’t a pass to argue either, most times unless it is an attack, it is best to filter out the noise and focus on the facts and move to tackle just that. At work, if you are under performing, and being told so, it is not wise to take offense, rather objectively look at why you’re under performing if you are being perceived that way. “I am taking on too many projects and need more resources to perform better”. If someone is having a political debate with you and openly talks down on you, reply to their argument and make it known that you will leave the conversation if they continue the logical fallacy. If your finances are becoming stressful, it's better to view that activity as preparation for the days to come, not that you don’t have enough money.

Train your mind to understand that you control the outcome and your response, not the outside event.

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