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  • Daniel Vargas

A Stoic Sage’s guide to the night

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending” - Marcus Aurelius

It's important to give yourself mental time to reflect on your day to prepare for tomorrow. Breathe in and out, take 5 minutes to grade your day, what did you accomplish? Are you proud of your accomplishments? Breathe in, and out. Now what were your failings, and what did you learn from them?

Your life will always have ups and downs, when you have encountered a terrible day, remember that you cannot be better than yesterday if you do not learn from them or create a plan to prevent the same mistakes. Take those mistakes with gratitude because in order to build your character, you must test them through everyday life and struggles. If difficult decisions are coming, prepare your mind by asking what your higher self, future self would do? After you have given it thought, breathe in, and out. Now let it go.

To prepare your body, cleanse your body from the day’s dirt. Most importantly, take extra care of your face as it is what the world will see and truly is your first foot forward. Take one last look in the mirror and tell yourself “good job”, now rest. It is powerful to not only tell yourself this but also look at yourself through the reflection as your subconscious will feel impacted on a different level.

Your day ends when you create that time for it to come to close. Do not blur your days together by worrying through the night. Tell yourself and remind yourself that your day is complete. If you sleep with a loved one, remember to remind them that you are an individual filled with affection and willing to spread that love. Take one last breath and allow your mind to drift into a mental stream of dreams.

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