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  • Daniel Vargas

A Sage’s guide to the morning

“Don’t let your imagination be crushed by life as a whole. Don’t try to picture everything bad that could possibly happen. Stick with the situation at hand.” - Marcus Aurelius

The start of your day is the most important, the first hour of waking up will set your day. It will benefit you most to have a mantra to stick to and meditate to. Start with positive intentions or goals. Make it short but impactful to you. “I will have a positive day” or “I will not procrastinate”. If you are dealing with obstacles in life, you can also prepare your mind, “I will remain calm if the face of struggle”. If you deal with difficult people through work or family, “I will assume positive intentions”.

Prepare your body with an ice cold cup of water before your morning coffee or tea as your body requires proper hydration to function before external stimulus. What helps me when I’m having a rather groggy morning, I will do 10 squats or 10 pushups. Its good to keep in mind that a man who does not prepare his day will never be ready for life’s ambushes. Complete your morning with a warm shower and just before leaving, gradually close the hot flow of water and experience the cold water, control the discomfort and with that, you are ready for your day.

I leave you with this: your life begins before your first meeting of work, before the first rush of dopamine from your phone, and before the unknowns that life will throw at you.

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