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  • Daniel Vargas

Should a Stoic Fight Back?

“A stoic does not go quietly into that good night, a stoic fights tooth and nail for what is right, a stoic can't be broken, a stoic would die before they submit or compromise with evil. - Dylan Thomas

It can be difficult especially for those who are self labeled introverts to speak up in moments where it's needed. The tricky part is knowing when it's needed. Most disturbances to daily life routine are done by foolish people, whether they need validation, to prove their worth, or to push a certain narrative. Whatever it may be, a stoic remains calm and analytical, using reason to pay no mind to them or at least, know that it's not worth the effort; it can only disturb your day, why waste time on allowing someone to disturb to then focus on recalibrating unless it is out of voluntary discomfort?

But what would you do if you encounter a physical altercation, whether it be strictly with you or to protect someone else? What then? Well, for one, remember that we live in modern times where law is strict but also remember what you should stand against. One of the pillars of virtue, Justice, is for nothing if you don’t allow others to prosper in it, and why remain quiet when it requires courage to speak up against injustices? Make your decision of getting involved with this mindset. You make a wise decision to get involved or not, and have the courage to fight for justice for your fellow man.

Remember that if you do get involved, it is important to mentally prime your mind. You don’t get involved wishing you won’t be hurt, just as you don’t go to the hospital to get a massage. If you get involved you are at the mercy of the other party's response and to expect some form of pain, whether that be attacking your ego or physical body, you will be hurt in some way. Remember this and act accordingly. Thinking back to Seneca when he fought and spoke out against his master, he was already aware that he would encounter pain but he also knew that his long term passion for Justice, Wisdom and Courage would never come to fruition by wishing mankind was good on its own.

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