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  • Daniel Vargas

Why gratitude is important to a Stoic Sage

“When you arise in the morning, think to yourself what a precious privilege it is to be alive - to breathe, to think, to enjoy and love” - Marcus Aurelius

Living life without gratitude will inevitably breed envy. When you are in a constant mindset of envy, you are not living life. We have to remember that living life with a constant need of something else creates disassociation of your current blessings and prevents you from actually acting properly to achieve and capture the things you want. In other words, you need to live in the present and make the decisions with what you have to get what you want. This starts with gratitude. One thing that's beautiful about life is that is very unfair. Additionally, it is equally unfair, therefore fair for everyone.

Instead of thinking, I wish I had that, I really want that. Remind yourself that it is possible to get that, in due time. Think about what you can do today to get one step closer. Appreciate the steps necessary with the position you are in. In most cases, delaying this gratification with this mindset will actually give you a greater understanding of what life is all about, its not about the things you don’t have, but your perception about them. Sometimes, after waiting, you actually never wanted it, that is something beautiful. To a stoic sage, stoicism isn’t just a mindset of teachings, but also a lifestyle. For example, Stoics were encouraged to live life simply, to dress as a common man and to surround yourself with both people you can learn from but also teach.

When you find yourself feeling ungrateful, call it out to yourself, “I am feeling ungrateful”. Then tell yourself 3 things that you are grateful for to alter the mindset before you get lost in the darkness of wishful thinking.

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