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Welcome to the Movement

Image by Christopher Czermak

All have the gift of speech, but few are possessed of wisdom.

- Cato the Younger

Don't worry about siding with or against the majority, worry about taking up any of their irrational beliefs. 

- Marcus Aurelius

Reality is created by the mind. We can change our reality by changing our mind. 

- Plato

Becoming a Modern Stoic Sage

Who is the modern Sage? Firstly, the Sage is not an attainable position in of itself, it is simply a position to aim for, a mindset to achieve. Those who take up the ideals of the Stoic philosophy strive to be a Sage. A person that their family, friends, and community can go to for guidance, wisdom, clarity, etc. As we go through life, we understand that experience comes with old age. In the modern world, things move faster, but the elders remember the experiences of life. It is then appropriate for the elders to build a mind and spirit that is resilient, courageous, wise, who is moderate in mindset, and thinks of justice for all, not just the few. To do so, we must take the steps today to prepare for the next decade, and in that decade to come we must prepare for the following decade. This is the role of the Stoic Sage.


The modern Stoic Sage does not just stick to themselves; we are social creatures, we are political creatures, we are rational creatures. This is how we have built the world we live in today, hand in hand. Being hand in hand did not, and still does not, come without difficulties. Therefore, the purpose of this movement is to encourage Modern Stoics to expose our mental impressions so we may be challenged and then challenge one another. This is how we learn to understand one another, how we gain more wisdom, how we test our mental impressions. 

The blog and the podcast serve this purpose; to encourage those to question what must be questioned to build a better tomorrow, a greater society, and an excellent individual.

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